Deep Guidance about VIP Passes in Empires & Puzzles

Online games are become the first choice for everyone because of many reasons. They keep you tension free for a long time and enhance your real life skills. In addition to this, you can play games like Empires & Puzzles to have great fun and entertainment. If you want to experience the real fighting world with lots of missions then must try it. For playing the game in IOS device, you need free 201.6-megabyte free space. It is also called the challenging game of strategy and puzzles.

Work of VIP passes-

In the Empires & Puzzles, it is a kind of pass which allows enjoying the additional facilities. You can earn the daily rewards and unlock some features via the help of it. In other words, we can say that after that the game will give you facilities as a special person. If you want to get a pass, then you should go into the store option. In that option, a gems tab is available with get button on VIP banner. Here now we will give you all the benefits about passes.

  1. You will obtain the 30 gems in the daily routine via help of these passes. It is valid for 30 days then you will get 900 gems in the one month. With the help of gems, you are able to perform many kinds of activities.
  2. One Loot Ticket is also credited in your account on a daily basis. These tickets allow you to unlock many premium things.
  3. It will also allow you to upgrade two building in one time. Via help of upgrading your performance and winning chances are improved automatically.

As per that it will offer you many kinds of facilities and you can fell special via the help of Empires & Puzzles Cheats. If you want to spend currencies, then choose this option.


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