All about the currency of the SimCity Buildlt


Gaming is expanding his world with various new concept games. All the games are very good for our mind because they are giving a stress-free life. Most of the people are playing many kinds of games, but the most famous game is SimCity Buildlt. The game come with special elements and it is very easy to understand. Every part of the game is simple, and the player can be familiar with them. The high-class user interface of the game and epic graphics are used for making it wonderful. The victory of the game depends on many factors, but the currency is most concerning part. SimCity Buildlt hack is a helpful tool for getting free currency.

Which currency is used?

There are several collectible things and enormous resources for the player. The currency of the game is a significant part, and you need to grab all most of them for winning. In the game mainly three types of currency are used.

  • Simcash
  • Golden keys
  • Simoleons


It is a premium currency in the game and used for buying a new building and speed the timers. Some of the building materials are also purchased by such currency. You can also get Simoleons currency by spending a few amounts of Simcash.

Golden keys

Golden keys are also the vital currency for purchasing many things, and it is used for some special purpose. The player can also buy some school buildings, and you can earn the currency by trading business and many more ways. The player can also buy the currency with the exchange for Simcash.


Simoleons are the basic currency, and you need to collect much amount because it is used for important tasks. Such currency is playing a vital role in paying your debts and make new currency. All the work for building by the currency and you need to maintain it by SimCity Buildlt hack and get some more currency.




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