Pixel Gun 3D Game – many Modes, Mines, and Multiplayer Masters of the game


Pixel Gun 3D game has proved its worth by one of the most downloaded and played shooting and battle games by millions of the players from around the world. It is fast paced multiplayer game but it offers both solo and multiplayer game modes to the player. The game provides its player many guns to play.

Pixel Gun 3D Cheats can be used by the player of the game to fight against friends, foes and other master player of the game as well as to earn coins which is the main game currency of the game.

Plenty of weapons for different levels

Pixel Gun 3D game has plenty of weapons for different levels for the player to use against the enemies of the game. These plenty of weapons can be categories as knives, pistols, guns, machine guns, blasters riffles and so on. These can have different strengths and qualities and skins.

Chests and skins for characters and weapons

The game offers creative skins and chests for changing the look and style of the weapons and characters such as zombies, slender, snipers, pirates, skeletons and charming nurses. Player can change the skins of the weapons as well and for this player also take advantage of Pixel Gun 3D Cheats.

Perfect battles and war to play with experts

Player of the game can invite players or experts of this game from all over the world and can arrange wars and battles with them. Player can make many new friends who are well versed in the game as well as foes to learn new tactics of the game and to show off his own talent of wars and battles. Many modes, mines and masters of the game are ready to play it.


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