Some awesome Pixel Gun 3D tips and Tricks

The Pixel Gun 3D is a captivating game where players take charge of a character who is required to fight against monsters and zombies to survive. Players in Pixel Gun 3D game can access various types of weapons which can help them shoot the zombies and monsters. It is very interesting to play Pixel Gun cheats but many players have found it hard getting the necessary success. They find it very hard navigating through various levels which makes it difficult for them to move forward. If you are a Pixel Gun 3D player and facing a similar situation, then the following tips are rightly just for you.

–    Don’t fire widely at the enemies but instead, focus on the gun fire. You will be able to kill many zombies when you focus on each of their heads.

–    There is a fixed layout for each map on the game. So you will remain the same every time you enter the maps. You need to keep in mind the various hiding locations which will make it easier for you to spot and shoot the enemies.

–    Be always on the move in the game. You greatly reduce your risk of getting killed by running and jumping. So the key to achieving success in the game is to be on the run and keep shooting.

–    Zombies in the game are in different sizes. Some Zombie heads may be very small and therefore you should try aiming towards the ground level. By doing this, you will be able to hit the crawling zombies lest they crawl and chew your knees.

–    Reload the guns at every opportunity you get to breathe in the game. All weapons in the game don’t have the automatic reloading feature and it is therefore important to reload them.