Time to play with the super heroes


There is an amazing action game designed by Kabam was Marvel Contest of Champions which is characterized with the super heroes and the environment set up was like marvel universe also well designed with awesome audio and visual effects. This game is available in the app store of Android and iOS devices exclusively for the gamers across the world also this game became very popular in few months from the date of release and crossed millions of downloads also acquired top rating from the players. Once you started playing this game you will feel stress free and you feel like you were in some other world.

This is a fighting game were you can find all the super heroes and you can take up the avatar of a super heroes to fight against the villains to save the marvel universe and to win the quests to unlock the new quest and by winning each quest you will gain crystals by collecting the crystals your crystal points will be added which is used to unlock the super heroes that will be helpful to build a strong team of super heroes to defeat the enemies.

·         Visit the crystal vaults daily to claim the free crystals as they provide daily crystals for the players.

·         Drag the required amount of crystals to the podium to free a super hero.

·         You can purchase the gems and gold with real money that is used to free the super heroes.

·         Instead of purchasing improve the count of gold and your units by using Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack app which is completely safe and there is no risk of getting banned.

·         Marvel Contest Champions Hack app is available for both android and iOS devices also the built-in proxy protects the user accounts.

Maintain a strategy and have a tricky play to win

Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game so you need to follow some strategy to defeat the opponent to win the battles to proceed further. Before started playing choose the super hero carefully to play the quest as the power differs for every characters and don’t use the powerful super heroes at first make use of them while playing in further quests when the game becomes very tough and against most powerful villains. You can have a good travel of Marvel Comics through playing this game.

In order to win the battles you need to build a strong team so that you can power up your attack and defence technique. Implementing some tricks while playing can make you gain more chances of winning. You can also team up with your friends by joining hands in the alliance so that you can make a strong team of champions together with your friends and then you can get into the battles of alliance which consists of exclusive rewards also by winning the alliance quest the points of the team will be increased jointly. Be the powerful competitor for others and explore a new experience of gaming.