Learn everything about Toon Blast


Reduce stress by playing casual mobile games, and today various mobile games are available. As my perspective puzzles, games are very good for a productive mind, and the best game is Toon Blast. Particular cartoons are making incredible gameplay. The stuff of the game is very cool, and everyone engages in the game by spending some time. Some storable things are also necessary for the game, and the player must focus on the currency of the game. Everyone knows the importance of currency in the game, so players are using some Toon Blast Cheats for getting things.

The game fun starts with many attractive objects in the game, and we should know all the vital part of the games.

Colorful characters

Characters of the game are very cool and effective. We will meet many kinds of new cartoon characters. The game gives the advantage of making your team for playing well. Every cartoon has different objectives, and you need to collect all of them for the great play.

Disco balls and rockets

Both are the part of some puzzles, and the player must make the right combination for rockets. The game has different levels, and every level has some kinds of resources. Rockets and disco balls are blasting things in the game.

Impressive puzzles

The game is all about puzzles, and we need to solve them with some mind-blowing strategies. It is not an easy task for matching great combines. In the game, we have some limited moves and always focus on different moves at each level.

Blast with booster

Boosters are for blasting unwanted objects in the game, and you will clear your goal. The game gives us many kinds of boosters, and they all are very useful for playing well. Every point of confusions we will blast and get some smooth moves. If you are in a problem in playing, then you can take the assist from Toon Blast Cheats.

Deep Guidance about VIP Passes in Empires & Puzzles

Online games are become the first choice for everyone because of many reasons. They keep you tension free for a long time and enhance your real life skills. In addition to this, you can play games like Empires & Puzzles to have great fun and entertainment. If you want to experience the real fighting world with lots of missions then must try it. For playing the game in IOS device, you need free 201.6-megabyte free space. It is also called the challenging game of strategy and puzzles.

Work of VIP passes-

In the Empires & Puzzles, it is a kind of pass which allows enjoying the additional facilities. You can earn the daily rewards and unlock some features via the help of it. In other words, we can say that after that the game will give you facilities as a special person. If you want to get a pass, then you should go into the store option. In that option, a gems tab is available with get button on VIP banner. Here now we will give you all the benefits about passes.

  1. You will obtain the 30 gems in the daily routine via help of these passes. It is valid for 30 days then you will get 900 gems in the one month. With the help of gems, you are able to perform many kinds of activities.
  2. One Loot Ticket is also credited in your account on a daily basis. These tickets allow you to unlock many premium things.
  3. It will also allow you to upgrade two building in one time. Via help of upgrading your performance and winning chances are improved automatically.

As per that it will offer you many kinds of facilities and you can fell special via the help of Empires & Puzzles Cheats. If you want to spend currencies, then choose this option.


Things you must know about honor points in Legendary Game of Heroes

Online lots of games are available, but Legendary Game of Heroes is the best game. It is a fantastic puzzle game for IOS and Android device. The game is also 3d graphics based, and lots of themes are available in the game. In it, hundreds of characters are available in each character with a unique ability. You can also make own collections with the help of avatar. The cards are called the hero cards by getting Legendary Game Of Heroes Hack.

What are honor points-?

The honor points are the part of the game. We can also call as the part of skills. It obtains to very hard, but here lots of ways are available to obtain free honor points. If you want to know about those things, then you should need those points.

The paths to get free honor points-

  1. Invite Friends-

It is the best and most accessible source to get free honor points. When you link the game with Facebook, then you are able to invite your friends. If your friend open the game or download the game from your invite link, then you will get free points. You can only receive limited points on a daily basis.

  1. Not Join the guild-

The guilds are the critical part of the game. For earning the honor points, you do not join a guild. It means you can add the player randomly in the all over the world. After adding the players, you are able to use their cards in the limited time. Via the cards, you will get the points and some rewards.

  1. Accept the friends-

In it when you accept the new friend, then you will get the 100 point on each player. After adding with friends if they use your cards, then you will get the free 30 honor points as the rewards.

Essential role of dinosaurs in Ark survival Evolved


Ark survival Evolved is the dream game for every survival tasks lover. It is the best game of studio wildcard for android or IOS. It provides the fun or entertainment with their features; you can play it with your friends online. The game provides high graphics in it, or you can see all type of dinosaurs in it. Ark survival Evolved Hack is a good source of entertainment for everyone. On the other hand, the game is very large, so it needs 1.28 GB on your phone to play it. You also have the option of the tutorial to learn the rules for it.

Use the stamina of dinosaur in the game, you can also use the dinosaurs for your help, try to face the dinosaur. When you win the fight from the dinosaur, then he has to follow all your commands. All dinosaurs have limited stamina, and if you use them for a long time, then they will feel tired.  It’s important for you to save the stamina of dinosaur for the right time.

Types of dinosaurs’ in game

There are many types of dinosaurs are available to see in the game.

  • Ankylosaurus- It is the strongest dinosaur of all. It needs 225-275 narcoberries to survive. Mejoberry is the favorite food of ankylosaurus.
  • Argentavis – it doesn’t need 20-50 narcotics to live; raw meat is their favorite food.
  • Dado – it is the only dinosaur, who need everything, but in low quantity.

How to control the dinosaurs

If you want to tame the dinosaurs without any battle, then there is only one way to control them without any risk. You have to find the tranquilizer to tame the dinosaur. Combine the meat, majoberries with the help of pestle and create marcotics for the dinosaur. With the help of it, you can use the dinosaur without any fight, but you have to reach 21 levels to use the tranquilizer.

After all these steps you can easily take the ride of the dinosaurs, use them for hunting or collect the material. When the dinosaurs feel tired, give him some stuff to eat. They will take some time to, but after some time he will start their work again.

Increase level of dinosaurs

Try to give best to the dinosaurs, give the proper care for increasing their level fast. It is helpful for your game because when the level increases, then dinosaurs learn more new skills.  If you can’t increase the level of dinosaur then give good food to them, do fight with other dinosaurs to increase the skills. Heal all the injuries of the dinosaur from time to time.


In my opinion, if you want to play for a long time try to collect the material with you or you should make useful weapons to beat the enemies.  You have to take a dinosaur with you for the safety, so try to win the fights to unlock the stronger dinosaur. Collect all the eggs to save the dinosaurs for future fights.